Wednesday, August 18, 2010

The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

All I can say is WOW. The Iron King swept me up and kept me hanging on for dear life. The world that the author created is so vivid and magical that it is impossible not to be taken with this fantastic adventure. The background of the Nevernever perfectly combines with a strong cast of characters.

The lead character, Meghan Chase, transforms over the course of the novel. She starts as an insecure high school girl and blossoms into a strong young woman. Through an incredible journey to save her brother, Ethan, Meghan finds true power within herself, and she might even find true love as well. Through this journey, she is accompanied by Puck, her best friend, Grimalkin, a cait sith, and Ash, a Winter prince with a frozen heart that Meghan is going to try her best to melt.

The story kicks off when Meghan finds out that her brother was kidnapped and replaced by a changeling, and her best friend Robbie Goodfell is really the infamous Puck. Meghan encounters even more trouble when she enters the Nevernever, the home of the fey. At first she and Puck set off together, but during a hunt in the wyldwood, Meghan finds herself alone in a tree with a cait sith named Grimalkin. She makes a deal with Grimalkin, the cait sith will lead her to Puck in exchange for a small favor. This is the beginning of a long journey that the two will embark on together. They eventually reach the Seelie Court. Once there, Meghan is in for the shock of her life, and danger is lurking around every corner. Anyone could be out to get her, including King Oberon's wife, Queen Titania. Even more danger comes from the Unseelie Court, especially from Queen Mab's son Ash, with whom Meghan just might be falling in love. Eventually, Meghan is forced to make a deal. Ash will help her find Ethan, and she will have to do something for him in return...
Myths and legends blend flawlessly with pure imagination in this fantastic novel, an incredibly refreshing read. I rarely find YA fiction in which the author demonstrates so much creativity. This book is perfect for those of us who have not completely forgotten the allure and magic of childhood fairy tales. I recommend this book to fans of fantasy in general, Cassandra Clare's City of Bones series, or a good love triangle.


  1. I love this book too. Iron Daughter is really great too!

  2. soo glad u enjoyed this book! It's one of my faves :D