Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Dark Goddess (ARC) by Sarwat Chadda

Dark Goddess is by far one of the best fantasies I have ever read. There is enough action in the first few chapters alone to comprise an entire novel. In addition to a fast-paced plot, the characters are well-developed and interesting.

Billi SanGreal is not just a Templar (a warrior with a mission to fight the Unholy), she is also a young woman struggling to come to terms with her life. Her former best friend, Kay, is dead and Billi’s new charge, nine-year-old Vasilisa, may soon follow him. The Templars are quickly caught up in a war against the Polenitsy, the Dark Goddess, and time itself. With the fate of the world literally resting on their shoulders, the Templars head to Russia, home of the Dark Goddess. Once there, they meet up with the Bogatyrs, a band of warriors that supposedly has the same mission as the Templars. Unfortunately, everything is not as it seems, and dark secrets threaten to kill Billi and her new companion, Ivan. Billi not only has to fight external beasts, she also has to fight the Beast Within in order to save mankind. In the end, the lines between friend and foe will be blurred and Billi’s world will never be the same.

Dark Goddess not only has a great plot, fascinating character development, and delicious twists and turns – it also has beautiful descriptive passages and imagery. I absolutely adore this book and I can’t wait for any future installments. I commend Sarwat Chadda for his imaginative, lovely prose and his fresh take on creatures like werewolves and vampires. There are no sparkly bloodsuckers in this book!

I want to share a wonderful quote that I came across in this book. You should note that I read the ARC, so this quote could change between now and the release of the finished book. “Billi stared at the small figures moving over the vast gray city like ants, struggling against the wrath of nature. That’s what humanity did, wasn’t it? Despite the overwhelming odds, it fought on” page 114. Dark Goddess will be released in January 2011.


  1. oh wow...this sounds brilliant, and I love that there aren't any sparkly vamps! great review!

  2. I recently read Devil's Kiss and reviewed it. Like this novel, the last had some beautiful passages as well. Great review!

    I wanted to drop by to tell you I have given you an award here.