Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Teaser Tuesday

Teaser Tuesday is hosted by MizB at Should be Reading. Here is how it works: grab the book you are currently reading, open it up to a random page, share a couple of "teaser" sentences, DO NOT include spoilers.
'"Let's see, Watson," he says, and now he's pretending to have a British accent. "Black T-shirt, black hooded sweatshirt, baggy black pants, fashionably unkempt hair, horned skull ring on one hand, fingernails bitten down to the nibs, sullen piss-off expression...yes, quite obvious. At some schools they're called the Freaks, at others the Burnouts, at one school in the East they're referred to as the F-U tribe, as that is their traditional greeting." He leans in on the table as if to get a closer look at you. "Here at venerable Midlands High, I believe the species is known as the Hoodies."' You, page 59*
You is AMAZING. I have never read anything like it. If you're observant, you probably noticed the "you" in the quote above. Well, the whole book is like that. The Main character, Kyle Chase, talks to you as if you are him. Confusing right? I thought so too, but once you get used to it... well, it's like nothing I've ever read before.

*I am reading an ARC, so both the quote and the page number could be different in the finished copy.

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